Dear KSU Community,

As many of you already know, we are currently searching for our next president to start work by this fall and have engaged Parker Executive Search to assist us in our recruiting efforts. We want to provide you, as a valued member of the KSU community, with a brief overview of the search process and encourage you to take part in the process by submitting recommendations and nominations.

When the Board of Regents ultimately selects a new KSU president, the decision will affect all our constituencies: from students, faculty, and staff to alumni, volunteers, philanthropists, and the broader Georgia community. The responsibility of the Presidential Search and Screen Committee is to bring forward the best possible selection of candidates (three to five), from which the Board of Regents special committee can choose.

To fulfill our duty, we are conducting a national search for a dynamic leader, who actively pursues and champions academic excellence, has the ability to understand and navigate an organization as complex and diverse as KSU, is a tremendous communicator, is a good fundraiser, and brings a host of other skills and experiences to the job. To find such a president, who has the leadership qualities to guide Kennesaw State University, we must proactively recruit and build the deepest, most diverse, most talented candidate pool that we can. 

The immediate timeline is as follows:

  • We have created a presidential search website, which you can access from the homepage under Latest News or directly by visiting:
  • We will finish the position announcement and post it early next month after considering suggestions from you, both through an anonymous form on the presidential search website and Town Hall meetings.
    1. Monday, Feb. 26 at 2:30 p.m. in the University Rooms, Student Center on the Kennesaw Campus
    2. Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 11:30 a.m. in the Ballroom, Student Center on the Marietta Campus
  • We greatly encourage you to submit recommendations or nominations of any outstanding individuals that you believe would be a strong fit with the culture and history of our institution.
  • We also encourage you to suggest suitable questions for the selection interviews via the website.
  • After we finalize the job announcement, Parker Executive Search will place advertisements around the country and approach suitable candidates.

It is likely that the type of person that we want is not looking for a job. She or he is undoubtedly successfully serving another institution or organization. However, after our approaches, they may consider the opportunity here at KSU if it does not jeopardize her or his current position. This requires us to engage in a process that protects the confidentiality of prospective candidates; just as many other universities around the nation do as they search for presidents in this highly competitive and transparent field of leadership. Parker Executive Search has done much research into this and has experience of many non-confidential searches where good candidates withdrew because of the lack of confidentiality.

We deliberated at great length over the decision to keep candidates’ names confidential during the entire search process. We concluded in the end by majority vote that reaching the best possible outcome for this search requires such a level of confidentiality, with which some in the KSU community will not agree. We understand and respect their position, but strongly believe that the long-term benefit gained from generating the best possible pool of candidates warrants this additional confidentiality. Releasing names and engaging in a more open process would effectively eliminate a pool of highly qualified candidates before our search even began. These candidates would probably not consider KSU after an approach by us without the promise of full confidentiality.

At the end of the day, our goal is to serve the public interest and find the highest qualified pool of finalists for the Board of Regents to consider. That guided our decision to maintain candidate confidentiality. While the names of candidates will be confidential, we commit to remain transparent with the KSU community on the search process and progress. 

Doug Moodie, Chair
Members of the KSU Presidential Search and Screen Committee